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Class 7

The Cezanne's

We are the Cezanne's and these are our Learning POWER'S


We need to look after and be respectful to equipment and resources because we need it to help us learn. If we ruin equipment, we are wasting money that could be used to fund fun things.


If a new child starts our school we should play with them and make them feel welcome. We should show them round school, introduce the teachers, explain the routines and introduce them to all of our friends.


If we don’t come to school every day we will miss important lessons and won’t get a good education. Our class is aiming for above 96% attendance.


We need to take care and do our best when learning. We should demonstrate good learning power and try to meet our targets.

We will demonstarte good behaviour by following instructions straight away and by being respectful to others and equipment. We will then learn quickly and reach our full potential in school. We will then have more opportunities to have a brighter and successful future.