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Our English curriculum approach for years 1 to 6 builds on the previous work in the Foundation Stage on developing good communication and language skills in our children and a robust focus on the development of early reading skills. We know these skills are not only the basis for the rest of the English curriculum but also for all curriculum subjects and the wider world beyond.


Our motto for reading is: 'Learn to Read - Read to Learn'. We know that the development of fluent reading skills and good comprehension sets children up for the rest of their education and life beyond. Please click the internal link below to go to webpage dedicated to our Reading Curriculum:


Writing is a key skill, which weaves through all subjects in school and throughout all areas of life. Our intent is to ensure that our children see themselves as confident communicators and writers from an early age, who then develop to be able to use a wide range of writing genres and vocabulary in order to; express themselves creatively, share information and communicate effectively with a variety of audiences.