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Our Values

We strongly believe in our school Values: 

We also have a seventh Value - INTEGRITY - that underpins all other Values. Integrity means for us that we do the right things, we follow all of our values, even when nobody is looking. 


Our Values are:

  • How we expect our pupils to act when in school and beyond - they form our behaviour code and pupils are continually rewarded for displaying our values in their work and their behaviour both school, in the community, at home and in their daily lives.
  • Taught directly to our pupils as part of their curriculum
  • Our community code - They set out how we expect our staff, parents and visitors to the school to act whilst on the school site and beyond

Value Points and Houses

Children are rewarded throughout the school day with Value Points, for showing our school values in their learning and their behaviour, both in school and beyond. Parents can view their child's behaviour points using their gateway app. 


All pupils in our school are placed, alongside their family members, into one of four 'Houses' - Abdy House (Yellow); Blackshale House (Blue); Brinsley House (Red); and Hazel House (Green). The Houses are named after the coal seams that sit beneath Blidworth village and were once mined by Blidworth Colliery. Year 6 children have to apply and are selected each year to become House Captains, leading their Houses and supporting the younger children in their House to develop our Blidworth Oaks Values.


All value points that children earn go towards their House total. Each week at our Friday Celebration Assembly, this week's winning House is announced, as well as rewards for the child/ren who earned the most Value Points for their house during that week. At the end of the year, the House with the most points will win our coveted House Trophy and will take part in a House reward day, known as our VIP day!


Value Points also count towards our termly BOPS High 5 Reward - details of which can be found by following this link